I.E.L.- interactive electronic larder
Elextrolux for free space

realization: model 1:3
material: plastic

I.E.L. offers you easy, clean and simple feeding of dry food by its' integrated weighing-machine. And less dishes means spare time for you. Feed is adaptable to your needs. You can choose according to weight, receipt or by number of people you are going to cook for. More over you can save your favourite receipts and verified quantities of food into computer's memory which will guarantee your favourite flavour. Electronic SpiceBox offers you manual or automatical feeding of spice with the own-mix or default (spice mix) receipt possibilities. SpiceBox concurrently communicates with other compatible devices and can connect even to internet, wherefrom it is able to download new receipts dedicadet for I.E.L. (spice mixtures, ammonuts of other foodstuffs). I.E.L. always informs you to replenish supplies if any of the food (spice) is near to be spent. I.E.L. shelters food before fast decay (humidity, insects). I.E.L. is designed in that way, you can easily recombine it by own requirements, e.g. purchase another feeder. Cookbook is not needed because receipts are screened on the monitor

We wish you comfortable cooking and good apetite.